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Webcast Live Streaming

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Moving Your Event from Live to Virtual

 Live Streaming │ Webcasting │ Virtual Conferences │ Webinars │ Virtual Events │ Online Conferences 

Live streaming virtual events and webcasts with a fresh look that stand out from the usual group chat sameness

virtual event conference
Live streaming audience questions
The event host & guest speakers connect with their computer from their home or office with secure high-quality HD camera video


Remote speaker HD camera connections  │ PowerPoint slides  │  Pro-look event branding and logos
Secure presentation with no chance of 'Zoom bombing' disruptions
Viewers can easily watch on smartphones, laptops, and WiFi connected smart TVs.
Your virtual audience can also ask questions and vote on polls during the live stream webcast. 
Streaming Virtural Event
Live stream webcast
2 Person Speaker Virtual Event
Webcast Live Event

Hold a Dynamic Virtual Fundraising Event

Go beyond an ordinary group webcast and design an online fundraising event that viewers can watch at home on their WIFI connected TVs

Virtual fundraising live stream
The event host & guest speakers connect with their computer from their home or office with secure high-quality HD camera video
On-screen fundraising elements can be added and updated throughout the event
Live stream can be embedded into the event web page with more host organization details, sponsor acknowledgement and donation processing

Pro Features

Careful planning to ensure client needs are built into the webcast

Setup and testing to ensure smooth live production

Professional broadcast HD cameras + high quality audio

Synchronized PowerPoint slides + video playback

Custom event welcome page and graphics

Online audience questions and polls

professional HD camera


Corporate Live Streaming with Remote Hosts & Speakers 

Professional speaker presentations can now be done remotely from the home or office for your Employee Updates, Town Halls, AGMs, Conferences, Stakeholder Meetings and Professional Development Seminars.

Eyepowered Media remote live streamng webcast

During the event, a presenter can see their PowerPoint slides and hear the moderator.  The Live Stream Director can also privately communicate with a presenter.

Integrate a remote moderator, live remote speakers, pre-recorded videos, slides, logos, graphics, and audience questions and polls into a polished 'TV show style' live stream presentation. 

Don't cancel your events because of COVID-19

Contact us to discuss the different ways we can live stream your corporate message.
We can create a professional live stream right from your corporate office with a small social-distanced crew or with the event moderator, speakers and live stream crew all at remote locations.
If you have a message that needs to reach your community, we can help.
live streamand webcasting
Live streaming TV Show from homes 03 VER
Live streaming TV Show from homes 03 VER
Live streaming TV Show from homes 03 VER
Live stream partnership locations

A New Live Streaming Team

Eyepowered Media in London and IMPG Canada in Kitchener have partnered to provide our clients with advanced live streaming expertise across Southern Ontario.



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Eyepowered Media is an award-winning multi-service video company in London, Ontario, Canada.

We've been creating successful productions since the era of videotapes, when our finished videos would be delivered to clients on VHS tapes -- remember those?

Today, we use a clear and proven workflow combining the right blend of current video technology, technical experience and creative ideas.  Our process takes your message and crafts it into an exceptional production that tells your message and story.   We know how important your video is to you, and we bring a ton of energy to each and every project.

Think video production and live webcasting is a complicated and expensive process?

It doesn't have to be.

Our right-sized, budget-friendly approach to live webcasts and videography integrate new technology with efficient techniques.  Talk to us, we will work with you to prioritize the production elements that make sense for your goals and budget.


Whether you have the seeds of an idea, or are ready to go straight into production, Eyepowered Media can help you every step of the way.

We love what we do, we have fun doing it, and we are proud of our extensive portfolio of successful corporate and broadcast video production services in London Ontario and across Canada.  We've worked with local businesses, national organizations and everything in between. 

Expert event videography, corporate video production, social media video, and live stream webcasts made by Eyepowered Media.

You'll be in great company.

We're fortunate to work with great clients, and create videos and live webcasts for fantastic organizations.

Chroma key green screen
Chroma key green screen

Eyepowered Media chroma key green screen video production, London, Ontario

Business to customer video
Business to customer video

Eyepowered Media business to customer video production, London, Ontario

Social media business video
Social media business video

Eyepowered Media social media video production, London, Ontario

Corporate video production interview
Corporate video production interview

Eyepowered Media Corporate video production interview, London, Ontario

Video Production
Video Production

Eyepowered Media video production service

Webcast live stream
Webcast live stream

Eyepowered Media webcast live stream company service London Ontario

Business video production
Business video production

Eyepowered Media Ontario business video production, London, Ontario

Event video production
Event video production

Eyepowered Media event video production, London, Ontario

Webcast live streaming service
Webcast live streaming service

Eyepowered Media webcast live streaming service


Whether you are planning for a virtual, hybrid or video production right away or you need to budget for it down the road, we're here to help.

By understanding your vision and obtaining a little bit of info, we can get you a quote right away.