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Interview Videos

Comfortable.  Confident.  Professional. 

Successfully capturing the perfect testimonial, an expert interview, emotional story, or authentic experience are often the key elements in a video.

We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable filming environment, creating a professional interview that gets the best results for the script, video, and your brand.


Things can change on the set and we are very adaptable and flexible to filming challenges.

If you've never done video interviews before, we'll take you through the process step-by-step at your own pace.

High-quality audio recording, flattering lighting, and professional filming.

Lower caption language titles and translation voice-over services are also available. 

Online Interview Videos

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Remote Patient Monitoring:  Keeping Patients at Home
 Saskatchewan’s Electronic Health Record is Helping Clinicians Improve Patient Care
The Importance of Donor-Supported Research
Panorama: Safeguarding ‎the Health of Canadians
Greg’s Story: Digital Health and Continuity of Patient Care
Darcy Marciniuk’s Story: Improving Patient Care
Concussion Research and Awareness
Martha Curgin Awards Ceremony
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