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Online Funeral Services

Celebration of Life livestreaming 

Available when you need it most.

When a loved one passes, it can feel like a difficult time, and making funeral arrangements can be challenging, especially for those who live far away.  We're here to help.

Livestreaming a funeral service or memorial is about easily uniting all who brought value to someone’s life. It allows people to pay their respects and show support regardless of life’s obstacles such as COVID-19, finances, travel restrictions, age, or health.

Livestreaming can bring new moments to light and renew old memories as online guests are encouraged to share their own thoughts and comments.

Working in close co-operation with churches and funeral directors, we produce a private, high quality and cost-effective Celebration of Life broadcast to anywhere in the world.


In addition to the live streaming, the service is recorded in the highest quality in-camera and edited and uploaded to the family after the service.  This video link can then be sent to other friends and family who may not have been able to attend the online broadcast due to timezone differences, for example.

We also have wireless streaming capability for locations and venues that do not have broadband internet.

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A Celebration of Life 

Person's Name

April 15, 2022  │  2:00pm ET

Wesley Knox United Church
London, Ontario, Canada

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about Wesley-Knox United Church

Wesley Knox United Church

Service Order/Program

PDF of funeral program placed here that can be downloaded and printed by viewers.

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