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Green Screen Services

Green Screen Chroma Key Virtual Event

Let us bring the studio to you.  Present a creative and dynamic production at your location with our green screen technology and profressional cameras, lights and microphones.


Your virtual event and video can now have any theme or visuals you can think of.

Powerpoint slides, video playback, motion backgrounds, animations, even a remote camera presenter can all be electronically placed on the green-screen surface.  Podiums can also be placed in front with the host.

If you love the concept, but not sure what to do for your production?  

We have lots of expereince and ideas, just ask us!

​Add our camera teleprompter and allow your presenters to feel relaxed delivering their script.

The design of the virtual studio also allows for hosts and the technical crew to be properly socially distanced during the production with all members spread out within the filming space.

Green Screen Chroma Key Virtual Event

Are you planning a video that is not live streamed?

The green screen is perfect for filming in video production too.  In the editing process, backgrounds can be added behind video interviews, presenters and hosts with titles, logos, graphics, slides, or motion backgrounds.

Please reach out and let us put our ideas, experience and tech to work on your next virtual event or video.

Eyepowered Media green screen studio
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