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Conference and Event Recording Services

After your event, share the presentations with everyone online.

You invest considerable time and resources bringing people together for a conference, so it makes sense to use this opportunity to film the presentations on video.

Let us capture the messages and showcase them to a wide online audience.


Your audience online is larger than you think! 

Hybrid Video on Laptop 3-min.jpg

Professional, high-quality HD video and audio recording of live speakers synchronized with their PowerPoint slides.

Viewers can conveniently watch the speaker and their slides at the same time - exactly like the live presentation.

Conference logo and text branding with a professional appearance.

The edited videos of each speaker, panel, and keynote will be uploaded to you after the conference or event.

video camera

​Videos are playable on all computers and media devices, including smart TVs, Chromebooks, tablets and phones.

Detailed slides are in HD and are readable on tablets and small phone screens.

The slide window can also show videos, software demos, audience polling, Q & A, web browsers, and Skype. 


​Videos can be for public viewing or for employees or members only.

No hosting or ongoing bandwidth costs + you own the video.

Much less cost compared to live streaming.

Edited and ready to easily upload to a corporate YouTube channel, Vimeo, or your favourite video hosting service.

Our Hybrid Videos can be watched on all media devices

Online Event Videos

Event Planners, Venues & Conference Organizers:

Get thumbs up from your clients!

Want to provide our video production services to your clients and make it a new revenue line?
No problem.  Eyepowered Media can capture and edit your client's presentations and provide the finished videos to you with your branding.  You'll get used to being the hero and it's a great way to keep in the client's mind after the event!
Other Video Production Services During Your Event
Award Honouree bio videos
Recording attendee testimonials for promotion of next year's event
Nominee videos for awards shows
Dynamic sponsor logo videos during audience walk in
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