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Business Marketing Videos

Business Video Success Story 

Create terrific message-driven

marketing that stands out.

Matt Stiller, a Financial Planner and owner of Stiller Financial wanted a dynamic way to introduce himself to new clients and promote the unique qualities of his company.

During our initial consultation, we worked with Matt to hear his requirements and ideas, and chipped in our best thoughts and creative solutions for a short introduction video.  This customer-focused video was designed to achieve his business goals and effectively deliver his message.


Rather than trying to memorize his lines, he used our camera-mounted teleprompter, which reduced his stress and created a more relaxed filming environment.

Business Teleprompter
I was nervous before the video filming session  –  I had never been in front of a camera before, however I found the process with Eyepowered Media very easy and relaxing.
They brought all the tools needed in order to make a beautiful video.  I’ve posted the video everywhere and it's front and centre on my website.   Everyone compliments me about how the video brings out my personality and potential clients have said they felt more comfortable in our initial consultation because of it. The return on investment has been incredible!
- Matt Stiller, Stiller Financial
Is your online message ready for an upgrade?
From script to screen, Eyepowered Media can help your company increase its exposure and customers by creating a professional business video.
Videos perfect for
Social media
Video email blasts
On your website
Conference speaker introduction video
Customers searching your video on YouTube
We believe in the power of video - so will you. 

Online Business Video

Introduce yourself to your customers.
Make your potential clients more comfortable by letting them see your personality before your initial meeting.
Real Estate Agents
Mortgage Brokers
Personal Trainers
Landscape Designers
Financial Advisors
Sales Professionals
Professional Speakers
Life Coaches
Interior Designers
Event Planners
Massage Therapists
Dental Professionals

A video is cost-effective marketing that works for you

month-after-month with no ongoing fees.

Make video part of your complete communications strategy.

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