Technology to the rescue!

On-Camera Teleprompting

When producing a video, our camera-mounted teleprompter allows you to deliver your message in a comfortable and confident way.  You can look directly at the lens and not even be aware of it, and concentrate on your natural delivery rather than trying to remember the script.

Don't get stressed!

For someone who is a little bit nervous in front of the camera, our teleprompter can make a first-time on-camera performance look like a seasoned pro.

Most people who you watch on TV shows or commercials that are talking directly to the camera are probably using a teleprompter.

Instead of a full script we can project PowerPoint slides or just the key points in front of the lens as guides or reminders to help your delivery in a natural way.​  There's no longer any need to get stressed trying to remember all of the points of your message.

Just supply your script or speakers bullet points as a MSWord document and we'll do the rest.

The script can also be modified on-site during filming and quickly updated.

We are able to expertly teleprompt English or French scripts!

Conference Teleprompting

At a conference or keynote, have you ever noticed those square pieces of glass sitting on poles just to the left and right of the presenter?  They're using a teleprompter.


During your speech, you can see your words projected onto the glass and scroll up as you talk.  You don't have to worry about the speed of the words - we adjust the exact custom rate of speed to match your speaking.  When you pause, or take a question from the audience, the words also pause.


The best part is that the audience can't see the words on the glass, only you.  

During your presentation or keynote address, you have enough to worry about.  Let our teleprompting service help you deliver your message comfortably and professionally.